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To the audience across the sea…

This year I have had more emails from people in the USA than ever before. Many ask if the Bedlam Six and I have any plans to tour on that side of the Atlantic in the foreseeable future.

This is a tricky one.

As you probably know, obtaining musician visas to play in the USA is an utter pain (and touring without them comes with the risk of receiving a five year ban on entering the country).

But we can’t let a little bit of bureaucracy get in the way can we?


I’d love to come over and play some shows over there, it’s a country I really love and I haven’t seen enough of it (I lived in Philadelphia for a while – one of the best times in my entire life).

Touring-wise, what’s happened in the past is I generally do solo shows in places the band hasn’t played before and then gradually build up enough interest to make it financially possible to book a full Bedlam Six gig there at a later date. I propose trying the same thing in the USA. I think the best way of doing this without getting pestered by immigration is to book a bunch of house gigs, low-key unplugged invitation-only affairs. Perhaps a potluck?

So here’s the big question:

Who would like me to come over and play an acoustic set in their house/garden/shed/kennel next year?

If there’s enough interest and it’s possible to raise sufficient funds to cover travel and general living costs for, say, two weeks by passing a hat round then let’s do it. I think it’d be really fun and it’d be nice to meet some of you in person.

So please float the idea around your social circle, see if the notion has legs. If you have an offer/suggestion or any thoughts/questions please email me.

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.