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In 1895 an express train travelling from Granville to Paris overran a buffer stop and crossed over thirty metres of concourse before plummeting through a window at the Gare Montparnasse. One hundred and seventeen years to the day after that catastrophic but oh-so-photogenic moment, Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six release their latest single “Three Down, Four To Go” like a steam locomotive through a station wall.

In the manner of most train wrecks, however, this release has not been on the cards for long.

“We hadn’t originally planned on releasing the track at this time” says Louis, “but we’ve been playing this new number throughout festival season and at the end of each performance it’s the one that gets singled out by people we meet afterwards, they’ve been asking where they can get hold of a copy so we figured we’d better record and release it ASAP.”

The release date itself is an auspicious one throughout history, full of great leaps (both literal and metaphoric – some positive and some, like the train, less so). 22nd October was, in 1797, the day of the first recorded parachute jump (by André-Jacques Garnerin) and, in 1879, Thomas Edison’s first successful test of the incandescent light bulb.

“The song itself is loosely based on the Seven Ages Of Man and the Seven Deadly Sins as well as the usual stuff about love and revenge” says Louis, “but we’re trying not to be too fancy with this one as those are old themes that very much speak for themselves. Really the whole thing is just a vehicle for a massive, face-melting riff – indeed it’s our most unashamed rock number yet – that’s probably why it’s had such an enthusiastic response.”

The accompanying music video is also a little different from The Bedlam Six’s usual promotional material. This one is being created entirely by the audience.

“We sent out messages via social media announcing the upcoming release and calling for weird and wonderful footage to edit into a music video. We’ve had a great response in all sorts of visual styles; it’s great to include more people in the process. Thinking about it, this whole release has been a collaboration with the audience – from choosing what song to record, to how it’s marketed etc… it’s been a fantastic journey and I hope they enjoy the results!”


“Three Down, Four To Go” by Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six is released through Debt Records on Monday 22nd October 2012.

There will be two launch parties: the first at Islington Mill in Salford on Thursday 18th October and the second at The Picket in Liverpool on Saturday 20th October.

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