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Each day I read a bunch of articles written by people involved in or associated with the music industries.

I do not do this because I want to learn all I can about the creative economy or how best to navigate the modern music marketplace or what trends I should be keeping up with (for that way madness lies…).

No, I mostly do it to reassure myself that I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what the hell’s going on.

I’m not being flippant. It needs saying (and saying often). We should all be very suspicious of those who speak with too confident an air about “the future of music consumption” and “strategies for independent artists” and all those other rent-a-panel issues that fly around the conference circuit and blogosphere.

Many balk at the quantity of new bands jostling for attention on social media platforms. But that’s nothing compared to the infestation of so-called media experts popping up at every opportunity like so many sardonic meerkats…