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BuskersI just read another article about how music piracy hurts artists.

Well, I read enough of it to make me roll my eyes before searching for something more relevant to look at.

I mean, seriously?
Are we still talking about this stuff? About clamping even sturdier chastity belts onto our art so no one can compromise/exploit/devalue it? I thought all the pirates had lost interest in music now that the idea of owning it has become so passé. Why bother with torrent sites when everything is available to stream? If you’re going to battle anyone then battle the people who fixed the royalty rates so low. The pirates are now moored elsewhere (the illegal ones anyway).

But then, in the creative sector at least, no one is on the same page. We aren’t even all reading from the same book. We all just move at our own individual pace towards the corners of the industry that shelter our preferred line of bogeymen. The internet has put an end to the shared linear narrative (and with it any credible universal nemesis); where there was once a single path there is now a spaghetti junction of possibilities. The music business (to paraphrase an old saying) has become an octopus whose outermost left tentacle doesn’t know what the seven tentacles to the right of it are doing.