AlfieOn Wednesday 28th August The Bedlam Six and I are going to have a pint with anyone who’d like to join us. This is not a gig, just an informal get-together. The event idea stems from a blog I posted a few months ago asking whether people would enjoy having a drink with the band, an opportunity to find out what’s coming up, how to get more involved (for those that want to), and generally meet us when we’re not drenched in sweat.
We’ll also be premiering two new music videos (one complete, the other very nearly complete) and listening to the new album ahead of its release in November.

The event (though “event” may be rather too hefty a word for this) will take place upstairs at The Black Lion, Chapel Street, Salford from 7pm on 28/08/13.
If you’re on facebook you can RSVP here (that’ll help us get an idea of numbers).

Do join us if you’re in the area. Those that aren’t (or who are unavailable) are always more than welcome to throw any questions our way by writing to us here.

Hope to see some of you there. Mine’s a pint of the Golden Pippin…