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© Sara Harris 2012

As is traditional we plan to celebrate the launch of our new album with a bunch of live shows and a lot of drunken dancing. But we’ve been wondering how best to mark the date itself. The record is officially released on Monday 3rd March. As we are all aware, Mondays aren’t the most ideal of gig days – a lot of people tend to have one eye on the clock as they wonder how painful Tuesday morning will be once they’ve dusted the last traces of hedonism from their hats and hips.
Also the buses don’t run as late.

So we pondered long and hard. Wondered about early evening acoustic shows (a bit tame), or another Bedlam social event (a bit easy), or an informal Q&A (a bit boring), or maybe even dinner somewhere (a bit… dinnery). Something that wouldn’t go on too late, wouldn’t cost loads, but could still have a certain exclusive (and yet inclusive) vibe.

So we hit on the idea of an open recording session. It seemed apt to launch a new album by starting to record the next one. We have a bunch of new songs no one has ever heard, we have a lot of recording equipment (thanks to WR Audio) and a certain predilection for eschewing the opaque.

So at 7pm on 3rd, 4th and 5th March we are going to hold open recording sessions at secret locations around Greater Manchester. We’ll record for approximately two hours each evening and there will be an opportunity for those present to contribute to backing vocals/percussion/noises once we’ve got the main body of work done. It should all be done by 9.30pm. Everyone in attendance will then be sent the songs once they’re mixed and mastered.
I hope it goes without saying that anyone who doesn’t need to get up too early the next day is also very welcome to stick around for a drink with us afterwards.

If you would like to attend one (or several) of these sessions please send me a message via the contact section with your preferred date. I’ll then send you the relevant address once we’ve finalised all the details. Places will be limited so do get in touch sooner rather than later to reserve a ticket. There will be a small fee to help cover any room hire costs.

As for the live launch parties, they will be held in London, Havant, Brighton, Liverpool and Manchester (see the Bedlam Six gig list for details).