Selected articles from my blog Keyhole Observations

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Lies (24th November 2010)

The F-Word (part one) (2nd December 2010)

The F-Word (part two) (10th April 2011)

Pieces Of 8-Track (7th December 2010)

Accidental Hero (15th December 2010)

A Fight To The Deaf (13th January 2011)

Broken Circuit (part one) (17th April 2011)

Broken Circuit (part two) (28th April 2011)

Broken Circuit Part three) (28th May 2011)

Broken Circuit (part four) (11th September 2011)

I Shall Be Released (7th October 2011)

The Stone Roses (19th October 2011)

Between A Rock-Star And A Hard Place (2nd November 2011)

Relearning How To Enjoy Music (15th November 2011)

The Great Unsigned (1st December 2011)

Unsigned Melody (11th December 2011)

Comfort Zones (29th January 2012)

Due-Paying And Big-Stepping (16th February 2012)

Mediocrity Killed The Video Star (8th March 2012)

Touring (17th March 2012)

Sweet Sniff Of Success (11th April 2012)

Levon Helm Obituary (20th April 2012)

Identity (16th May 2012)

Children’s Entertainer (16th June 2012)

The Day I Found Out I Had Finally “Made It” (19th June 2012)

My Given Name Is Louis… And I’m Doing Very Well! (21st June 2012)

Uganda (25th June 2012)

Musicians Exposing Themselves In Public (12th July 2012)

Writing (15th August 2012)

‘Twixt Underdog and Overlord: An Article About Amanda Palmer (17th September 2012)

Expert Exposé (25th September 2012)

Awards (28th September 2012)

Thoughts On Being A Southerner Up North (1st October 2012)

The Pay’s The Thing (16th November 2012)

Music As Currency Not Culture (21st December 2012)

The Album – An Enduring Anachronism? (6th February 2013)

Here Ego Again (22nd February 2013)

Art For Everyone (20th March 2013)

Busker On The High Seas (8th May 2013)

The Audience Invisible (6th June 2013)

“Spotifee, Spotify, Spotifo, Spotifum…” A story about the giant in the cloud and a cash cow exchanged for magic beans (17th July 2013)

Sustainability (and Chester Burnett) (21st August 2013)

Born Under A Networking Star (23rd October 2013)

The Great Pretenders (15th November 2013

Fame vs Fortune (29th January 2014)

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