The F-Word (part two)

I recently had an amusing exchange with a member of the audience at a solo show. My shows without the Bedlam Six are inevitably quieter affairs but I do my best to hop around and keep things lively. My slightly erratic performances can sometimes attract peculiar people. Read on…

When I got off the stage after my hour set a man who had been dancing near the front for most of the show lurched up to me and locked me into one of those eternal handshakes that drunken strangers enjoy so much.

Here is a brief version of our chat (with most of the repetitions omitted)

Man: That was great mate!

Me: Thank you very much.

Man: Do you have any CDs?

Me: Yes, here they are…

[fanning out the various Bedlam Six releases that have so far made it into the physical world]

Man: Which one’s the best?

Me: They’re all different. I like this one most [pointing, predictably, to the most recent]

Man: Is it dirty rock?

Me: Well no, it’s mostly the songs I played just now but with the addition of a six-piece band.

Man: But is it dirty rock?

Me: Well it has some rocky bits.

Man: But is it DIRTY rock?

Me: Some of the metaphors are a bit fruity if that’s what you mean…

Man: But is it dirty rock?

Me: Not really, it’s the stuff I played just now but heavier.

Man: But is it dirty rock?

Me: Well no, it’s sort of folky with some swing elements.

Man: I hate folk music.

Me: But you just danced through an hour of me playing folk music.

Man: Never got on with folk music.

Me: But I was just playing folk music.

Man: Don’t like folk music.

Me: Yes you do.

Man: Have you got any dirty rock though?

Me: I’ve only got these.

Man: Are any of them dirty rock?

Me: [sigh…] YES.

[I pick up one of the CDs and hand it to him]

This one’s really dirty. Loads of rock. Rock and dirt in equal measures. Absolutely no folk music at all. £7 please.

Man: Cheers!

[we then parted company]

This is one reason why I find genre classification unhelpful.


1 thought on “The F-Word (part two)”

  1. oh for jeez sakes! I think I’ve gone and peed meself laughing! you owe me one pair of laundered underpants Barabbas! 😛

    Genres are for people who like to generalise (obvious really, clues in the name!), and if theres one thing I know about people who generalise, they are all silly folk!

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