Day Eight


Drums, drums, drums, drums, drums.

All day the drums.

Relentless drums.

Drums with barely a pause.

A fog of noise.

Day eight in the Bedlam house was like sitting inside a headache. It was as though the drum kit was exacting its revenge upon us for neglecting it the day before. Oh god, those drums…

We’d saved the trickiest numbers to last and it took all of Tom’s might (and all of our patience) to beat these songs into submission. To describe this seemingly endless session further would be to simply write the words BOOM BANG CRASH over and over and over again.

But it’s over now. We have finally finished this chapter of the recording process. The drum tracks (and indeed most of the rhythm section) are now DONE. I felt as though a ticker tape parade should’ve started. In the end, however, all I could manage was to collapse into an armchair and focus all my energies on peeling back the layers of tinnitus to enjoy the relative quiet.

Tom has worked so hard this last week. Drummers are so often the butt of jokes and ours is no exception (indeed we tease him rather mercilessly at times) but I doff my cap to him today. The boy done good.




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