Day Fourteen


Today we were very much at home to Mr Bang and Mr Crash as Biff’s (even taller) brother Paddy joined us to help Tom lay down some extra percussion parts. The two faced each other across a fearsome array of drums (an evil marriage of both their kits), beaters clutched like viking pace-setters looming over a trembling galley of rowers. Needless to say they made an unholy racket.

© Sara Harris 2013

© Sara Harris 2013

Meanwhile the rest of us have been polishing off other bits and pieces – arranging string parts, working out additional vocal harmonies etc. It has been hugely satisfying to get out the red pen and cross so much off our to-do list. For a long time we seemed to spend all our free hours adding new ideas, but now we are striking them out with a near fanatical zeal.

At the end of the evening we listened through the tracks and tried out different orders, I think we’ve narrowed it down to two finalists.

We are now very close…



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