An Introduction To Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six

I Ain’t Done (being young) – Directed by Ste Webster

Waiting For Bad News – Directed by Andrew Ab

I Want To Know More – Directed by Andrew Brittain

Woe Betide You – Produced by, Directed by Sammy Deas

Deep Enough – Produced by Sleepingstate Film, Directed by Joseph Mannion

Living In The Aftermath – Directed by Nick Leyland

Hold On To Me – Directed by Joseph Mannion

Mother – Directed by Brett Gregory

The Tell-Tale Hound – Directed by Sam Alder and Scott Lockhart

Three Down, Four To Go – Directed by N/A (crowd-sourced)

The Devil and the Hole – Directed by Sarah Jane Blake

Theban Sacred (Roxby’s Wonky Remix) – Directed by Leeson George

Keep The Customer Satisfied (with Hope & Social)

Relight My Fire – Directed by Joseph Mannion

More videos here:

Live (full band), Live (solo), Studio Sessions, Touring Montages, Band Acoustic Sessions, Duets/Collaborations, Adverts

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